Friday, February 4, 2011

Progress on the Pond

In the doldrums of winter, there is little time to work outside on the garden railroad layout.  Between episodes of sleet, freezing rain and occasional snowflakes, a lot of progress has somehow been accomplished on the new pond and waterfall.  Natural stone has been mortared upon a liner that covers a concrete block frame of the pond.  The 300+ gallon top pond is deep enough that it could be used as a hot tub.  It was designed to be deep in order to keep the water temperature reduced during the hot summer months.  That's difficult to conceive on such a cold day.  The lower pond holds about 650 gallons and is supplied by water from a rain barrel on an automatic refilling system.  About 1500 gallons of water is recirculated every hour through the ponds.
Koko checks out the recent work, dreaming of hot days where she can dive for sunken golf ball treasures.
The waterfall comes to life as the spillway portion of the upper pond is completed.

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