Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thirteen 40' Tall Living Christmas Trees

Thirteen 40' tall spruce trees in time for Christmas?  Well, in 1:29 scale, they are 40 feet tall.  Each of these beautiful miniature Christmas trees is actually a Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca 'Conica').  These are very popular items for garden railroad themes due to their true conical evergreen appearance, flexibility and availability.  A one-gallon size will set you back around $8 each, however the key to successful yet affordable garden railroading is to never pay full retail.  These were purchased back in August from a DIY retailer for $1 each.  They were puny and suffered from a lack of daily watering.  They bounced back strongly with a little love, regular watering and placement in an area of the garden where they did not get direct sun when it was still hot or direct exposure to the first heavy frosts or a spray from a marking dog with a lifted leg!  These will be planted in a random group to replicate a natural evergreen forest.  Many towns across the American south were founded upon evergreen forests, especially along the L&N railroad. Brewton and Evergreen, Alabama are a couple that come to mind.

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